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November ROM

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November Right of the Month: Right to NOT be tied or held down…

Georgia Symposium

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Sitted: L to R – Philip C. Jay, Sandra Wilcox, Marian Jackson, Constance Foster. Standing: L to R – Shirley B. Brooks and Jill Alexander.

The Fourth Annual Disability History Symposium was held on November 1 in Athens, Georgia at the UGA Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies. Several individuals from Fitzgerald, Georgia were invited to participated, as a panel, to discuss how we initiated community engagement around the need for public transportation in Ben Hill County. A video captured by Robin Rayne showed the essence of the Ben Hill County Transit system was shown at the Symposium.  

To view video:


Georgia Symposium 1

Pictured above is an artistic exhibit of the mind-mapping rendition from the many ideas expressed at the symposium.

My Voice, My Board, My Participation

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My Voice My Board My Participation Training

On October 19, People First of Fitzgerald participated in the annual “My Voice, My Board, My Participation training held at Lake Blackshear in Cordele, Georgia. 

The My Voice. My Participation. My Board. is a project of the Center for Leadership in Disability (CLD). The goal is to establish a pool of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the skills and perspectives to actively contribute to the work of governance boards and advisory councils for state agencies and not-for-profit organizations. For more information, visit


October Employee of the Month

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The Gathering

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The Gathering 2018

On October 8: Barbara, Miranda, Pam, Deidre, Sandra, Tropecca, Brad, Jennifer along with Beth Mount attended the 9th Annual Georgia Gathering for Person Centered Practices at the Unicoi Lodge in Helen, GA. 

Relias – Impact Nation

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Relias Impact Nation 1

October 2-4:  Sandra, Janice, Constance, Shirley, and Ann attended Relias Impact Nation Conference 2018 in Raleigh, NC. 

October RIGHT of the Month

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Stakeholders Meeting

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On September 26, Jessamine held a “Meet & Greet” Stakeholders Meeting with Support Coordination from Professional Counseling Services of Americus, Inc. This meeting was hosted by the Residential Department. Pictured L-R: Shirley B. Brooks, Linda Sue Cole, Mallory White, Danita Smith, Kicheka Smith, Zantae McCrae, Anthony Lewis, Constance Foster, and Carletha Ford. The meeting was helpful and very informative.

September Employees of the Month

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The agency’s entire workforce is being recognized as September Employees of the Month for the awesome job during the agency’s accreditation. Our workforce consist of approximately of 20 Full-time employees, 80 Part-time employees and 20 Contracted Providers. GREAT JOB everyone and THANKS for all you do!

DSP Week

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This is a week-long celebration in recognition of the dedication and accomplishments of outstanding Direct Support Professionals and their vital contribution to communities across the country. 

Our agency is extremely proud of our DSPs and recognizes the outstanding job they do!  For more information, please visit