TJP and Ben Hill County were well represented at
the Real Communities Retreat held August 20th
in Lake Oconee Georgia.
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Serving People
Since 1895
Our Real Communities Initiative
After more than a year of planning and gaining community input, GCDD
took a bold new turn in its advocacy programs by launching the Real
Communities Initiative in 2009 to help advocates create more community
support across Georgia. The Initiative relies on a model of community
organizing called
Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to help
people with disabilities work with others in their communities to find
common solutions to common problems.  Mike Green, author of
People Care Enough To Act, helped GCDD learn how to successfully
motivate communities to action with three basic principles including:
supporting efforts that encourage collective action in communities
assisting members of communities to come together and engage in
purposeful learning
focusing on assets in the community that can be used to solve
The Real Communities Initiative works towards inclusion of people with
disabilities with an overall goal of enhanced community health and
greater participation from all community members.
real communities