Our Credo:

Every person has gifts and talents that must be welcomed,
celebrated, and acknowledged in the heart of our community.

Our Purpose:

To discover and build on the capacities of people so that our
community is rewarded, enriched, and renewed by our ongoing
contributions collectively and individually.

Our Vision:

Every citizen is seen as an ordinary human being and is part of
a rich network of relationships.

Our Services:

The Jessamine Place seeks to empower and support our
consumers to live, work, and participate in the community. By finding
living arrangements, jobs, and other support services, we work to
assist our consumers to achieve self-determined and valued lives.
Day Services (Community Access & Community Living Supports)
Supported Work
Residential Services
Administrative Services
P. O. Box 436  •  402 South Main Street  •  Fitzgerald, GA  31750
Telephone (229) 426-5205  •  Fax  (229) 426-5208
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Serving People
Since 1895
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New Research Reveals Georgians
Unaware of Those Living with
Developmental Disabilities.  
statewide survey portrays
persons with disabilities as
invisible people with invisible
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The Governor's Council on Developmental
Disabilities Five-Year Strategic Plan