September 9th - TJP Advisory
Board Meeting at 12:00 Noon

September 15th - TJP Regional
Provider Meeting at 10:00 a.m.

September 22nd - Ben Hill
County Board of Health Meeting

Each 2nd Tuesday -                
TJP Management Meeting at     
8:30 a.m.
The heart of The Jessamine Place is
in the people. We can trace our “roots”
to people helping people since 1895.

Our tradition of improving the quality of
life for those we serve plays a
significant role in meeting the needs
of the those persons with disabilities.
Our success is based on community
partnerships we have made and our
unique approach to “
Try Another Way.”
P. O. Box 436  •  402 South Main Street  •  Fitzgerald, GA  31750
Telephone (229) 426-5205  •  Fax  (229) 426-5208
“While it’s easy to reflect on the impact The Jessamine Place has on
our community considering the number of people they support, it’s
more important to look at each person one by one. Over the past
years, we have employed two people from The Jessamine Place and it
has been an enriching experience for our business and our employees.
Giving people an opportunity to perform at their best is part of our
social responsibility. Quality of life in Ben Hill County would be
greatly diminished — for all of us — without the extraordinary support
provided by The Jessamine Place.”--Tim Anderson, Editor &
Publisher, The Herald-Leader
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Serving People
Since 1895
Our Community
Connie graduated from East
Central Technical College.