Jim Turner, Chairman & Retired

O. D. Netter, Ben Hill County

Gerald Thompson, City of
Fitzgerald Mayor

Nancy P. Whidden, Ben Hill
County School Superintendent

Bernice Street, Retired Educator

Dr. Robert Ludwick, Medical
P. O. Box 436  •  402 South Main Street  •  Fitzgerald, GA  31750
Telephone (229) 426-5205  •  Fax  (229) 426-5208
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Board Members

Our Board Members are a network of
experts who have agreed to give The
Jessamine Place meaningful help on
a regular basis in many different
areas, including law, organizational
development, technology, policy,
advocacy, and outreach. Their
abilities, experience, and knowledge
were selected for how they
complement the organization's vision
and mission as a whole.
Serving People
Since 1895
Our Leadership TEAM
Board of Health
Tim Hall, Chairman

Steve O'Neal, Vice Chairman

Jill Alexander

John Bishop

Dorothy Harris

Gail Houff

Marian Jackson

Wanda Kimbrell

Jeff Lewis

Warren Manley

Theresa Paul

Toni Sawyer

Bernice Street

Jim Turner

Nancy P. Whidden

Anne Wood

Paige Wynn
Advisory Board
Ken Brandon, Regional
Coordinator Region IV DBHDD

Marcy Burns, I & E Manager

Michael Bee, Safety Coordinator

Vickie Fountain, LOC RN

Joe Troope, Case Expediter

Belinda Brock, PLA Program
Region IV Board
Our Leadership - Advisory Board
Regional Board
Meeting Schedule
September 8th
November 10th
January 12th
March 9th
May 11th

Board of Health
Meeting Schedule
September 22nd
December 8th

Advisory Board
Meeting Schedule
September 9th
December 9th
March 10th
June 9th