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Associate Suggestion Form
Please use this form to provide us with your ideas for improving our operations and service
delivery at The Jessamine Place.  To report a problem you experience trying to use our website,
please use our
Website Bug Report Form instead.
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
What is the subject of
your suggestion?
Describe the situation,
condition, method, or
procedure to be
improved.  Please be
specific--what is
wrong?  Provide
How will your
suggestion improve
the present situation or
benefit The Jessamine
Place.  Please be
Your suggestion will
result in savings due
to changes in:
All full-time, part-time, or hourly employees of The Jessamine Place
may submit their suggestions.  Suggestions fall within the following
1.  Your suggestion must propose improvements in a specific way to
some part of our operations.  It must be timely and practical and tell
how improvement can be made.
2.  If you have the authority or responsibility to make the suggested
change, you are not eligible for an award.
3.  Suggestions are not eligible if they concern matters already under
consideration or personal grievances or complaints.
4.  If the same suggestion is submitted by two or more persons
separately, the first one received is eligible.  Others are duplicates,
which are not eligible.
5.  Suggestions remain valid for one (1) year.  To be eligible after one
(1) year, a suggestion must be submitted again.
6.  Decisions of the Associate Suggestion Program are final.  
However, if an associate presents new or additional information, the
program may wish to review its prior decision.
7.  The Associate Suggestion Program has the exclusive right to set
policy and structure and may change the system at any time.
8.  The use of employee suggestions by The Jessamine Place shall
not be basis of further claims of any kind by the suggester, heirs, or
9.  The Jessamine Place retains the right to terminate the Associate
Suggestion Program at any time.

I certify that I am employed by The Jessamine Place.  I have read the
eligibility requirements and guidelines as stated on this form, and I
agree that The Jessamine Place shall have the right to make full use
of my suggestion.
Please type your
name to indicate your
agreement with the
Guidelines above.