Our Mission is to Serve You
P. O. Box 436  •  402 South Main Street  •  Fitzgerald, GA  31750
Telephone (229) 426-5205  •  Fax  (229) 426-5208
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Administrative services manages,
coordinates, and directs the many
support services that allow The
Jessamine Place to  operate
efficiently. We perform a broad
range of duties. We might, for
example,  oversee secretarial and
reception services, administration,
payroll, conference planning and
travel, information and data
processing, mail, materials
scheduling and  distribution, printing
and reproduction, records
management, telecommunications
management, security, parking,
energy consumption, and personal
property procurement, supply,
recycling, and disposal.
Serving People
Since 1895
Our Leadership TEAM
Our Mission is to Serve You
Our Leadership - Administration